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“The idea and scope of the journey that these artists from various cultures and ethnicities embark upon is a promising one, one that the comic unfurls with an endearing style of illustration and an engaging series of events. The comic is  intriguing  in the way that these artists begin to band together as they prepare to embark from one tip of the African

Continent to the other.”

Cyriac Varghese, Artist

“Mazedar hai. Details. I felt like a part of the group while reading. The tone is so refreshing. I absolutely loved the scrolling comic style. The last panels left me wanting more. Waiting for the next part now. Great work!!”

Sad Cow

Mythili Zatakia, Creator 

The comic warmed my heart and angered me all the same. Art has always had to fight for a place, despite its beauty and its ability to unite. This story of travel, triumph and the coming together of a bunch of artists in a land far away from their own, aware and unaware of all the challenges ahead is terrifically told in a comic that is happy, sad, dark, bright and hopeful - like life!

When the entire journey is known, it will be an inspiration to the many artists who know they want to make good Art but desperately need to know what it takes!

Fantastic effort on the comics and adapting it for screen. The usage of scroll is effectively done to create the right amount of tension. Looking forward to what the adventure brings. The honesty of the characters adds to the dynamic of the interaction among people from different cultural backgrounds.


Comics Creator 

The African Caravan is an amazing read. Especially it opens as a user-friendly read on mobile. Wonderful illustrations & design.

Beyond the aesthetics, the complete idea of doing something as hedonic, getting people to work together, then narrating the complete story in the most engaging manner definitely deserves appreciation beyond measure.

It's a must read, must see book. 

Sanmitra Chitte 

Dean School of Management,

World University of Design 

Shikant lends a much needed   unique voice to how travelogues need to be made while keeping the Comic book/ graphic narrative format. The carefully chosen vibrant colour palette and humane conversations adds a tinge of realism and a fun read.

A must read for every Indian comic reader.

Rahil Mohsin,

Comics Maker

Our Support Group for The Great African Caravan

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