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People of the Caravan

This comic, African Caravan, tells the tale of the experiences of different immensely talented Artists from all over the world on their journey with The Great African Caravan. The GAC team consisted of:

african caravan achieng othieno

Achieng Othieno

(Song Writer - Kenya)

"Often found alone with her own

thoughts as writers generally are;

Achieng' fit into the team as easily as

puzzle piece."

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african carvan sai icon.png

Sai Kumar

(Filmmaker - India)

"Accompanied by his passion for filmmaking and his trusty drone, he would let both loose for the perfect shots. Almost lost his drone in Sahara Desert but managed to hunt it down"

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african caravan roland byagaba photo

Roland Byagaba

(Writer - Uganda)

"Would often been found swathed in a blanket and writing in a corner with his favourite orange mug for the company."

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african caravan ida simonsen

Ida Simonsen

(Writer - Netherlands)

"Would often be found in the midst of debates, serving up wicked comebacks and quieter in the moments, would enjoy a 90's playlist."

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african caravan gala soler photo and cartoon

Gala Soler

(Musician - Argentina)

"When Gala picked up the Saxophone to play, everyone around would sit up and take notice. A fellow foodie who shares Argentinian music videos with you in return for old Bollywood song."

  • Instagram
african caravan helene hasler

Helene Hasler

(Photographer - Germany)

"Huggable and dependable, Helene would love taking long walks while discussing life and religion."

  • Instagram
african caravan shivi bhatnagar

Shivi Bhatnagar

(Cinematographer - India)

"Could always be depended on for a good talk. Always game for a challenge, Shivi's presence of mind saved our necks from potential accidents."

  • Instagram
african caravan akram feroze

Akram Feroze

(Theatre Director, Actor - India)

"African Caravan director extraordi-

nare who would get you whatever you

needed and managed to wing funds in the most impossible situations"

  • Instagram
african caravan sathya swaroop photo and cartoon

Sathya Swaroop

(Filmmaker - India)

"A science buff, Sathya would serenely

quote metaphysical theorems to perplexed people"

  • Instagram
african caravan yllka lota cartoon

Yllka Lota

(Actress - Kosovo)

"Made up of sheer energy and excitement, Yllka is now an expert at Indian sweets and can differentiate between a Laddu and Gulab Jamun"

  • Instagram
african caravan ife piankhi

Ife Piankhi

(Poet And Artist)

"Came up with the wise statements such as 'this project is the microcosm of the macrocosm' which would keep us wondering."

  • Instagram
african caravan charan gp

Charan GP

(Curator - India)

"Possesses the superpower of being abled to meditate even amid loud Hip-Hop music."

  • linkedin charan gp
african caravan alley lloyd icon

Alley Lloyd

(Musician - U.K.)

"With her head full of music, Alley

could be found with her electric guitar, playing out some brilliant riffs"

  • Instagram
african caravan shikhant sablania comic cartoon

Shikhant Sablania

(Artist - India)

"The jokester in the group, Shikhant could be found scribbling in his notebook or happily splattered in colours, next to freshly painted Mural."

  • Instagram

People of African Caravan - The Webcomic

Since its inception, African Caravan has been a long and ambitious project. The making of this webcomic would not be possible without the tireless efforts of friends who assisted with colouring, research, editing, and animation:

  • Sumit Ray - Editing

  • Anupam Arunachalam - Editing 

  • Mitali Panganti - Colouring

  • Meghna Pai - Colouring

  • Ayesha Syed - Colouring

  • Shivi Bhatnagar - Research

  • Vishav Arora - Animation

  • Sreesha Upadhyaya - Animation

Supporters of African Caravan

Lastly, African Caravan owes immense thanks to the various individuals who have supported the comic throughout its journey. They are a large reason why this comic is available for free to the public, and why this comic has been able to move towards its completion at all.

  • N.K. Sablania

  • Anamika Bharadwaj

  • Kriti Jha

  • Shruti Jha

  • Aakshat Sinha

  • Dheeraj Jain

  • Yogendra Gupta

  • Niyati Maun

  • Prachi Jately

  • Surinder Sablania

  • Yamini Jiwani 

  • Venkat Iyer 

  • Kavita Nambissan 

  • Sumit Kumar 

  • Kshounish Palit 

  • Varun Mallik

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